Release Notes - Version 11.0

Release Notes - Version 11.0

New Features

+ Refreshed Login design.
+ New guided first-time onboarding experience.
+ Improved historical and real-time test graphs.


+ Agent: Windows Agents will now return the specific version of Windows used.
+ API: Improved cron schedule validation for Scheduled Tests.
+ API: Target alerts can now be sent to specified contacts even if Global Target Alerts is not enabled.
+ UI: Improved calendar widget when viewing Path Analysis results.
+ UI: Improved calendar widget when using filters on Alerts tab.

Bug Fixes

* Agent: Fixed issue where ping tests could run on incorrect interface for Docker Agents.
* Agent: Fixed issue where WiFi Agents could reboot when attempted to connect to a WiFi connection.
* Agent: Fixed issue where in some cases a Windows Agent network interfaces cannot be determined and would be rejected by the server.
* Agent: Fixed issue where Agent certificate would not be set properly when blocked by firewalls.
* Agent: Fixed issue where some interfaces are identified as a VPN interface but should be a wired interface.

* API: Fixed issue where in some cases tests would not get cleaned up when Agent was disassociated from a WiFi network.
* API: Fixed issue where some Agents would be incorrectly classified as a FastE agent instead of GigE.
* API: Fixed issue where flags were not passed to Agent when performing ad-hoc Ping tests.
* API: Fixed issue where sensitive attributes would be overridden when no new value was provided.
* API: Fixed issue where Targets would fail to update.
* API: Fixed issue where password reset information may not send.
* API: Fixed issue where beta Agent Reports would not distinguish Wired on Wireless based test results.
* UI: Fixed issue where full Agent details would not render when accessing the details via a direct link.
* UI: Fixed issue where dashboard may not load all test summaries.


Read the blog post about release version 11.

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