Release Notes - Version 1.0.21

Release Notes - Version 1.0.21

Bug Fixes

* Data retention scheduled time was at 9am instead of 9pm.
* Fix for data retention process termination was causing the server to crash and restart.
* Syslog pusher issue with the message. The test type reported was different. It is now fixed back to what it used to be before 1.0.14.
* Fix in test statistics data retention where the process would still delete one day's worth of statistics even if the retention period was longer.
* Fixed a server process startup problem where invalid open alerts were prohibiting the server from starting up.
* Fixed a bug that prevented the network interfaces from updating for wireless agents with wifi profiles attached to them.



+ Extended data retention to include purging of alerts related to stopped tests.
+ The software upgrade schedule is now 14 days after the release, instead of 2 days.

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