Release Notes - Version 1.1


+ NetBeez Settings: User can now set up the server's timezone

Server status: User can check disk space, RAM usage, CPU usage, and used memory by the Redis process

+ Software agent: Debian netbeez-agent package available for Jesse distributions

+ Speedtest: Included --mini option for hosted servers

+ Dashboard: Improved synchronization algorithm with server data upon disconnection and reconnection


Bug Fixes

* Chat icon: Fixed unusable chat button located at the bottom right of the dashboard

* Target view: Target shows inconsistent data when an offline agent is added and then removed from it

* Buzz tab: reports a negative number of alerts under certain conditions

* Iperf scheduled: UDP tests report incorrect test type

* Alert profiles: Cog button of an alert profile gets inactive after the first edit is made on the profile

* Alert profiles: Input validation when creating new alert profiles


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