Release Notes - Version 1.2

Release Notes - Version 1.2


+ New reports that cover network summary, agents, targets, and scheduled tests
+ Reports can now be exported and saved in PDF format
+ Schedule automated reports to be sent via email with attached PDF
+ Interactive agent console
+ Updated the SNMP MIB with new SNMP traps
+ Enabled percentile-based averaged to reduce the number of false alerts caused by outliers
+ A new type of Alert Profiles is now available which combines the Baseline with the Watermark types in a conjecture
+ Replaced Thin Ruby webserver with Passenger: Improves performance and stability
+ Changed fixed scale to relative in wireless dbm chart
+ The About page under NetBeez settings now displays the secret key and commands needed to configure new agents
+ Added enable/disable syslog alerts button


Bug fixes

* Fixed broken packet loss area chart in scheduled test slider
* Scheduled test data is available from the first test run
* Fixed an issue where new target resources were showing up with longer than normal status bars and the wrong Agent counts.
* Fixed statistics calculations for tests with an interval greater than 1 minute
* Fixed many of the API v1 endpoints to on swagger
* Removed the "Initialize Grid" button and spinning wheel on grid views that have no tests

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