The Buzz Tab

The Buzz Tab

The Buzz Tab is the landing page of your NetBeez Dashboard.  This tab provides you with a high-level view of your network and any resources you are monitoring.  The Buzz Tab visualizations help you identify and investigate issues with Agents, Targets, and WiFi networks. The Buzz Tab also features a comprehensive Incident view, which shows recent and current incidents for Agents and Targets.


The Header

The header section of the Buzz Tab gives a high-level look at the status of the dashboard, the overall performance of the network, and a summary of Agents, Targets, and WiFi networks experiencing issues.  The pulsating icon shows the NetBeez server activity in messages sent per second between the Agents and the main server.  The network star rating is an aggregated rating of overall network performance.  The ring gauges show the portion of Agents, Targets, and WiFi networks currently experiencing incidents.


Agent and Target Status

In this section, interactive visualizations display Agents and Targets by recent alert status and averaged recent HTTP response time, respectively.  

The Agents are graphed in an interactive scatterplot by alerts and warnings triggered over the last 24 hours.  To select an Agent or several Agents, either click on a representative circle or drag the selection window over multiple Agents.  Selected Agents will be listed to the right of the visualization.  To access details about one of the selected Agents, click on its listing.

Targets are graphed in a histogram by average HTTP response time over the last 24 hours.  This visualization shows the distribution of HTTP response time performance.  To view the Targets in a specific performance bracket, click on the corresponding bar.  The selected Targets will be listed to the right of the visualization.  To access details about one of the selected Targets, click on its listing.


WiFi Status

The WiFi Performance section reports the average time to connect to WiFi networks as well as the number of successful and failed connection attempts. These statistics are based on the last 24 hours. Only WiFi Networks that have the reconnect interval configured or are part of an SSID hopping group will be visible in this section.



This section shows the occurrence of recent and ongoing incidents on Agents, Targets, or WiFi.  To see more information about an incident, acknowledge it, or add a comment, click on the blue lane representing the incident.  



The incident detail view displays further information about the incident, including triggering conditions, log, and comments.


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