On the NetBeez Dashboard, incidents are periods of degraded or otherwise abnormal performance of an Agent, Target, or WiFi network.  Incidents are designed to help you identify problems and performance variations within the network, with a resource, or over wireless while mitigating the difficulties with identifying issues via alerts.  Incidents were introduced in version 1.3, and WiFi incidents were added in version 1.4.

Incidents are triggered when a user-determined percentage of tests on an Agent, test templates on a Target, or tests on Agents assigned to a given WiFi network have alert status.  The incident will persist for as long at least one of the triggering conditions is met. 


Viewing Incidents 

Ongoing and recent incidents are displayed on the Buzz Tab.  Ongoing and recent incidents associated with a particular Agent or Target are displayed on the detailed view of that Agent or Target.  Clicking on an incident from these visualizations will bring up more information about the selected incident, including triggering conditions, log, and comments.  You will also be able to acknowledge and comment on an incident from this view.

To view WiFi incidents, go to the WiFi tab and click on the WiFi Network for which you want to see incidents.


Configuring Incidents

To learn about configuring incidents, please see: Incidents Configuration



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