Incidents Configuration

Incidents Configuration

About Incident Configuration

Incidents are triggered when a certain percentage of tests or test templates of a certain type (Ping, DNS, HTTP, or Traceroute) on an Agent, Target, or WiFi network has an alert status.  You are able to adjust these percentages based on the needs of your network.


Configuring Incidents

To configure an incident:

  1. Access the Anomaly Detection tab in NetBeez Settings and go to the Incidents Configuration section.
  2. Drag the sliders to the desired percentage thresholds for each test type.  A higher percentage threshold will make the conditions less likely to be met, making incidents less frequent.  The default threshold for all test types is 90%.
  3. After setting the thresholds, click Save for the respective columns, depending on whether you adjusted Agent, Target, or WiFi incidents.


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