Target View: Target Details

NetBeez offers a detailed view for each Target.  The Target detailed view shows a summary of tests being conducted on it, information about ongoing and recent incidents associated with the Target, test status information on various Target resources, and a log of recent alerts associated with the Target.

To access Target Details of a particular Target, click on the Target list entry or Target thumbnail in the Target View tab.

To access the Target Settings, click on the cog icon in the upper right of the Target Details panel.  In Target Settings, you can pause/resume all tests associated with the Target and edit or delete the Target

To close the Target Details panel, click on the X icon in the upper right of the Target Details panel.



Target Resources

A major aspect of Targets are their resources.  A Target can be made up of a single resource (such as a website URL or server IP) or a group of resources (for instance, an assortment of external websites for testing the internet connection at different locations).

The Target Details displays all resources and the status of the tests being conducted on them, making it easy to identify the nature of any issues associated with the resource.  To see more information about the test, click on the test bar element to bring up a visualization of recent test performance.  This test performance data is averaged from all Agents associated with the test on the resource.  For per-Agent test information, click on an Agent for further real-time test details.



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