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NetBeez offers a detailed view of each Agent.  The detailed view provides statistics, averages, ongoing and recent incidents associated with the Agent, and a comprehensive graph of tests it is running, by Target and test type.  The detailed view also displays both current and recent alerts pertaining to the currently selected Agent and provides access to the Agent Console, which enables you to run additional tests and commands on the Agent.  For wireless Agents, information about WiFi performance metrics and available SSIDs is also available.

To access Agent Details of a particular Agent, click on the Agent list entry or Agent thumbnail in the Agent View tab.

To access the Agent Settings, click on the cog icon in the upper right of the Agent Details panel.  In Agent Settings, you can pause/resume all tests on the Agent, manage which Agent Groups the Agent is assigned to, and configure the Agent’s IP settings.

To close the Agent Details panel, click on the X icon in the upper right of the Agents Details panel.



The Agent Details panel consists of three tabs:

General Information

The General tab, which is the default tab, displays the following:

Agent Information

The Agent Information section displays information and statistics about the Agent itself, such as uptime, availability, test interface information, Agent Groups, and Hopping Groups.  If the selected Agent is wireless, separate columns for Test Interface and Control Interface will be displayed.

Incident Information

The Incident section displays information about ongoing and recent incidents over the last twenty-four hours associated with the Agent.  The incident occurrence is represented as a timeline visualization.  To see more information about an incident or interact with the incident, click the blue bar representing the incident to show its details.  Here, you will be able to acknowledge or comment on the incident.

Test Information

The test grid displays the current status of the tests the Agent is conducting.  Each cell in the grid represents a test between the Agent and a Target resource.  For more information about the test, click on the cell to open the test details.

If the Agent is in a Hopping Group, there will be a separate test grid for each WiFi network it is monitoring.  These test grids will be displayed within collapsible elements.


Alert Log

This section displays the alerts triggered by an Agent.  Clicking on a test on the Agent Tests grid will filter alerts by that test.


Wireless Information (Wireless Agents Only)

The Wireless tab displays the following:

Network Interface Information

This section displays real-time information about the WiFi network to which the wireless Agent is currently connected and the Hopping Group to which it is assigned.

Available SSIDs

The Available SSIDs are SSIDs of nearby WiFi networks that the Agent can detect.  To get a list, click Load List.  This feature is useful for detecting rogue networks and access points.

Wireless Connection Timing

The WiFi Connection Timing feature reports how long it takes for WiFi Beez to connect to one WiFi network. View more information HERE.

Wireless Performance Metrics

In this section, graphs display real-time data on TX/RX rate, signal strength and link quality, and channel and bit rate.  Additional statistics are displayed to the right of the graphs.  Disruptions in wireless connectivity will be denoted by association points that indicate when the wireless connection became available/unavailable.  These indicators also appear when the Agent hops between networks.  For more information about association events, hover over the circle to summon a tooltip.  To access historical wireless performance metrics for the Agent, click View History above the graphs.


Agent Logs

As of version 2.0, the Wireless tab displays Agent logs in place of alerts.  Agent logs include DHCP and WPA_Supplicant events in addition to wireless alerts.  Agent logs are filterable by date range, severity, and source, and searchable by event code and message.



Agent Console

The Agent Console can be accessed via the Console tab.  To learn more about the Agent Console, please see: The Agent Console







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