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NetBeez offers a detailed view for each Agent.  The detailed view provides statistics, averages, ongoing and recent incidents associated with the Agent, and a comprehensive graph of tests it is running, by Target and test type.  The detailed view also displays both current and recent alerts pertaining to the currently selected agent.  For wireless Agents, in addition to Agent Tests, Wireless and Available SSIDs tabs are available.

To access Agent Details of a particular Agent, click on the Agent list entry or Agent thumbnail in the Agent View tab.

To access the Agent Settings, click on the cog icon in the upper right of the Agent Details panel.  In Agent Settings, you can pause/resume all tests on the Agent, manage which Groups the agent is assigned to, and configure the Agent’s IP settings.

To close the Agent Details panel, click on the X icon in the upper right of the Agents Details panel.


The Agent Details panel consists of four main sections:

Agent Information

The Agent Information section displays information and statistics about the agent itself, such as uptime, availability, test interface information, and Groups.  If the selected agent is wireless, separate columns for Test Interface and Control Interface will be displayed.

Incident Information

The Incident section displays information about ongoing and recent incidents over the last twenty four hours associated with the Agent.  The incident occurrence is represented as a timeline visualization.  To see more information about an incident or interact with the incident, click the blue bar representing the incident to show its details.  Here, you will be able to acknowledge or comment on the incident.

Test Information

The Test Information section displays information about the tests the agent is conducting.  The Agent Tests view is the only view available for wired agents.  Two additional views, Wireless and Available SSIDs, are available for wireless agents.

Following are details about each tab:

    1. Agent Tests: In this view the user can review the status and details of the tests run by the agent.  Each test is represented by a tile in the visual table.  Tiles are color-coded according to status (green = successful/normal, orange = suboptimal performance, red = failure).

      To view information about an individual test, click on the test’s tile to open a real-time graph of test results, test statistics, and alerts.
    2. Wireless (Available only for wireless agents): This view details an array of data about the agent’s wireless connection.  Graphs display real-time data on TX/RX rate, signal strength and link quality, and channel and bit rate.  Additional statistics are displayed beneath the graphs.  Disruptions in wireless connectivity will be denoted by association points that indicate when the wireless connection became available/unavailable.
    3. Available SSIDs (Available only for wireless agents): In this view, you can query the SSIDs that the wireless agent is detecting in the location where it’s placed. The list of SSIDs can be sorted by name, channel, frequency, link quality, and signal strength.

      If no SSIDs are displayed upon loading this view, click the Refresh button to search for an up-to-date list of detected SSIDs.
    4. Agent Console: The Agent Console enables interaction with the agent via command line interface.  Retrieve data, run tests, and more.

Wireless View:


SSID View:


Alert Log

This section displays the alerts triggered by an agent.  Clicking on a test on the Agent Tests grid will filter alerts by that test.


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