Release Notes - Version 11.1

Release Notes - Version 11.1

New Features

  • Create target workflow includes SaaS applications and target templates options.
  • Weekly summary emailed report that gives users a weekly glimpse into their NetBeez installations.
  • Role based access control (RBAC) for Azure SSO.
  • Windows Server are now accounted as a Network Agents from a licensing perspective.


+ Agent: Multiple Path Analysis tests running on Agents will now stagger execution when overlapping.
+ Agent: Mac Agents now report more detailed NIC vendor and model for Network Interfaces.
+ Agent: Tests that us curl commands now set a default user agent to prevent websites that block "plain" curl requests from failing.
+ Agent: Update to Path Analysis tests to reduce resource load when running test.
+ API: Agents running in AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform will now be identified as such instead of "external".
+ UI: Improved the Agent Type filter on Agents tab.
+ UI: Agent details now shows Path Analysis tests in the test status counters.


Bug Fixes

* Agent: Fixed issue where SSID scanning would not work when WiFi is not connected.
* Agent: Fixed issue Windows DNS tests.
* Agent: Fixed issue where interface status was not sent properly when Agent connects using web socket.
* Agent: Fixed issue where mutex error would cause Agents to not connect to server.
* Agent: Fixed issue where getaway could not be found on Mac Agent.
* Agent: Fixes issue where SSID scanning does not report access point channels correctly on Linux agents.
* Agent: Fixes issue where test were not caching when an Agent is connected to the server using web socket and Agent was offline.
* Agent: Fixed issue where Agents would not cache heartbeat messages when disconnected from server.
* API: Fixed issue where `open_incident_id` was removed from V1 Targets API payloads.
* API: Fixed issue where Alert Detectors were not properly applied to Tests when a Target was is updated.
* API: Generated reports now retain the name of the User who created the report after a User is deleted.
* API: Fixed issues where older cached messages from a reconnected Agent would override newer messages.
* API: Fixed issue where Target's who uses an Agent's IP as a testing address and that Agent was also assigned to the Target would create a Test to itself.
* API: Fixed issue where Target configured contacts would not get Alert emails when Global Target Alert notifications were off.
* API: Fixed issue where some data was not being cleaned up with an Agent is deleted.
* API: Fixed issue where incident emails were not sent to contacts configured through a Target.
* API: Fixed issue where Agents could not be deleted when the Agent was set as the destination for iPerf and Voip Scheduled Tests.
* API: DNS tests now default to UDP instead of TCP.
* API: Fixed issue where in some rare cases Settings would prevent successful api initialization.
* API: Fixed issue where some users signing into the Dashboard for the first time using Azure AD SSO would fail.
* API: Fixed issue with Enterprise Authentication LDAP settings where "SSL Certificate Verification" could not be turned off.
* API: Fixed issue where provided PING test flags were not being persisted.
Server: Fixed issue where Jitter and MOS would not appear in real-time graphs.
* UI: Fixed issue where averages and average line were not appearing in real-time graphs.
* UI: Fixed issue where cached Agent heartbeats would be displayed on the UI when the Agent is reconnected.
* UI: Fixed issue with unclear language when enabling SMTP alerts/incidents on a target.
* UI: Fixed issue that would prevent the creation of new WiFi Networks.
* UI: Fixed minor display issues with real-time graphs.
* UI: Fixed issue when viewing Target details where Agents that had been deleted show up as "Name" in lists.
* UI: Fixed issue with First Time Wizard where step 3 would not let users advance.
* UI: Fixed issue where pause/resume buttons were missing when viewing individual tests.

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