Release Notes - Version 13.0

Release Notes - Version 13.0

New Features

  • Scheduled Reports can be configured and automatically sent via email; email notifications will include a link to access them.
  • Reports can be viewed by non-dashboard users via public links; this feature can be enabled in the User section within the NetBeez Settings.
  • MS Teams integration to send alerts and incident notifications to a channel.
  • ServiceNow integration to propagate NetBeez incidents to the ticketing system. 
  • Webhooks support for sending alerts and incident notifications to an external application.
  • Refactored the Integrations panel which now includes SNMP, SMTP, Syslog and all third-party integrations settings.
  • Refactored the Target view; improved the filtering options.
  • 802.1x support for hardware agents; it can be configured via command line interface.
  • API to run ad hoc Network Speed tests.
  • API to create Targets.


  • UI: Windows and Mac Remote Worker Agents report the logged in username.
  • UI: HTTP tests can perform SSL verification; this setting is enabled by default on all new tests and kept disabled on previously configured tests.
  • UI: Ookla has been removed as a supported option for Scheduled Tests and Ad Hoc.
  • UI: iPerf retransmission (retries) added to iPerf list as a column.
  • UI: Analysis source port number is no longer restricted to ports above 1024 only.
  • Agent: Cloud Agents report their agent type based on which public cloud they run.
  • Agent: Improved the method to determine the external IP address of an agent.
  • Agent: Network Agents that are on the previous OS version will upgrade to Debian Buster.
  • Agent: Improved EAP WiFi timing.
  • API: Scheduled Test Templates API can be filtered by agent name and FQDN/IP.
  • API: Emails will include links to the Agents, Targets, or WiFi networks included in the notification.
  • API: Reported logged username from Windows and Mac Remote Work Agents is now recorded on the Agent and returned.
  • API: Adds new Targets collection endpoint with advanced filtering.
  • API: Now accepts 'insecure' property for HTTP tests.
  • API: Path Analysis source port number is no longer restricted to ports above 1024 only.
  • API: Adds Category and Agent Class filters to various API calls, see API documentation.
  • UI: Scheduled Test Lists now support filtering.
  • UI: Multiple Generated Reports can no be deleted at a time.
  • UI: Various improvements around browser memory usage of the Dashboard.
  • UI: User title and primary use case User Profile fields are now are now drop downs to eliminate confusion on what a user should be searching for.
  • UI: Added performance improvements Agent Lists.
  • UI: Improved account unlocking self-service functionality.
  • UI: Reports that show warning occurrences will display a message that now warnings occurred within the period instead of showing the table.
  • UI: Improve display of Network Speed test and periodic test graphs on reports.
  • UI: Improved wording around Target email configuration to make it more clear about globally configured contacts.

Bug Fixes

  • Agent: Fixed issue where Network Agent WiFi scan output showed unicode hex rather than special character.
  • Agent: Fixed issue that in some cases would prevent the Agent from obtaining its external IP address.
  • Agent: Fixed found memory leak.
  • Agent: Updated version of curl to remediate vulnerability.
  • Agent: Fixed issue where Agents connected to the server via TCP Socket and it runs a Network Speed test a SSL_shutdown failed error cloud occur.
  • API: Fixed issue where supplied from email address was not being used.
  • API: Fixed issue where in some cases Scheduled Test Reports would fail to generate.
  • API: Fixed issue where in some cases a WifiHoppingGroup would fail to be deleted.
  • API: Fixed issue where Targets could sometimes not be updated when an Agent that was assigned to it failed to be deleted.
  • API: Fixed issue where historical results were missing information.
  • API: Added manual workaround that can be configured by Support for cases where consumers of the Enterprise SAML Authentication option run into issues with SubjectConfirmation being invalid.
  • API: Fixed issue where in some cases multiple copies of the same test were being generated when on Target creation.
  • API: Fixed issue where in some cases an Agent's Network Interface would fail to update.
  • API: Fixed issues where Destination is always 'N/A' when looking at the alerts tab, proper destination is now returned if available.
  • API: Fixed issue where in some cases Agent Reports would fail to generate.
    Server: Fixed issue with Agent's failing to register when Agent name includes a non-latin character.
  • UI: Fixed issue where in some cases Scheduled Test Report performance graphs would be empty.
  • UI: Fixed an issue where DNS tests were not allowing IP addresses to be used.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Traceroute historical graphs were not appearing correctly when time window appears.
  • UI: Fixed issue where setting up a VPN Target Template using and IP address and FQDN would display Target resources in unexpected way.
  • UI: Fixed issue where a Deleted agent would continue to show in the Agent sidebar unless browser was refreshed.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Agent name could run under the Agent Type icon when viewing the Agent List.
  • UI: Fixed issue where viewing VoIP tests graph value tooltips would not include MOS values.
  • UI: Fixed issue where some iPerf configuration values were not saved.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Settings Invite User model would retain error messages from previous interaction.
  • UI: Fixed issue where the header bar of a realtime graph displayed incorrectly.
  • UI: Fixed issue when selecting a different Enterprise Authentication option did not update enable/disable toggle of the other options.
  • UI: Fixed email address validation when entering them for Settings SMTP Notification settings.
  • UI: Fixed issue where redundant events were being triggered and processed.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Users using Firefox could not log in without manipulating the browser URL.
  • UI: Fixed issue where creating a new Alert template may cause a validation error to incorrectly display.
  • UI: Fixed issue where in some cases Target create/edit address validation was not working correctly.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Settings User's could have their role updated via the edit menu despite Enterprise Authentication option being enabled and that option's role mapping turned on.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Ad Hoc test may use the wrong interface for testing.
  • UI: Fixed issue where in some cases Network Status Report would be created but also receive an error message.
  • UI: Fixed small display issue on the Buzz tab Incidents tables.
  • UI: Fixed issue where Test grid on Agent Details where HTTP tests would appear on separate rows.
  • UI: Fixed issue where iPerf/VoIP/Network Speed Test graph tooltips don't show SSID.
  • UI: Fixed issue where a Deleted Agent where Scheduled Tests still existing still shows in list.
  • UI: Fixed issue where read-only and read-write users could not use the Agent console when Settings were enabled.
  • UI: Fixed issue where HTTP test shows `null` as proxy port when proxy is enabled.
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