Report Schedules

Report Schedules


The report schedules subtab allows users to create a schedule for reports to be generated and emailed to specified users.

Procedure To Create A Report Schedule

1. Log in as an admin user.

2. Click the Reports tab.

3. Click the Report Schedules subtab.

4. Click + Create Report Schedule.

5. Name the report.

6. Choose the report type (Network Status, Agent, Target, Scheduled Test).

7. Choose the time period for the report (Today, Yesterday, Previous 7 Days, Previous 30 Days, Previous 90 Days).

8. Choose the email schedule, indicating how frequently the report should be sent.

9. Enter the email addresses of users that should receive the report.

10. Click Create Report Schedule.

11. Observe that the newly created report schedule is visible within the report schedule list.

Report Schedule List View

The report schedule list view has all report schedules that have been generated. Clicking on a report schedule row in the table navigates to the generated report subtab and filters by the schedule report that has been selected.

Under the actions icon of the individual report schedule, users are able to:

  • View Generated Reports: Navigate to the Generated Reports subtab and prepopulate the filter with all associated generated reports.
  • Resume/Pause Report Schedule: While in the Resume state, reports will be generated and emailed to the recipients. While paused, reports will not be generated and emailed to the recipients.
  • Edit Report Schedule: Edit the report schedule.
  • Delete Report Schedule: Deletes the report schedule gives the option to delete all associated reports.

Filter Report Schedules

Clicking on the filter button allows users to filter the report schedules:

  • Date Created: Filter report schedules by a specific time period.
  • Report Type: Filter report schedules by report type (Network Status, Agent, Target, Scheduled Test).
  • Run State: Filter report schedules by the run state (Paused or Running).
  • Auto-Subscribe Status: Filter by auto-subscribe status which is when dashboard users are added and removed from report schedules as they are added and removed from the dashboard (Example: Weekly Report).


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