Configure SMTP Alert Notifications


Configure NetBeez to send alerts via email (SMTP). NetBeez generates a failed alert message when a ping, DNS or HTTP test does not receive a reply for a certain number of times (trigger interval). By default, the trigger interval is set to 5 but can be changed (see Change Alert Trigger Interval). The trigger interval also defines how many times a failed test must be successful before being considered successful.
To enable email alerts via SMTP:
  1. Access NetBeez Settings by clicking the gray cog icon in the upper right of the dashboard
  2. Access the SMTP tab and click or slide button to the On position.
  3. Insert the following information:
    1. SMTP server (required): The IP address or fully qualified hostname of the SMTP server.
    2. SMTP server port (required): Most of the server will use port 25.
    3. Username (optional): Specify the username in case the server requires authentication.
    4. Password (optional): Specify the password associated to the username in case the server requires authentication.
    5. Enable TLS (optional): Select the checkbox if TLS is needed.
    6. From email (required): Define the email address from which the alert notifications will be sent.
    7. Default emails (optional): Define the default email addresses any alert will be sent to. This can be overridden on a per-test basis.
  4. Click Save Settings.
  5. Click Send Test Email and then specify the recipient to verify that emails are successfully sent and received.
By default, any test configured before this procedure won't have the SMTP alert enabled. You must manually enable each test for email alerts.
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