Agent Configuration - Reset Agent to DHCP


A NetBeez agent can be reset manually to DHCP without using the Dashboard. This is helpful if you suspect that incorrect IP settings have been pushed to the agent.



The agent must be powered for this procedure to be successful. Network connectivity is not required to reset the agent to DHCP. 

  1. Plug the agent to the power supply and wait 120 seconds to make sure the boot process completes.
  2. Plug a USB mouse into one of the USB ports on the agent.
  3. Wait for 20 seconds.
  4. Reboot the agent.
  5. The agent is now reconfigured to receive a DHCP address.
  6. Once the agent is plugged back into the network, check the NetBeez Dashboard to make sure the agent is reachable by the Central Server.


Please note: This function is not available on the Raspberry Pi image you download on our online documentation (here). To change the network configuration settings, please manually edit the file /etc/network/interface.

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