Release Notes - Version 0.9.0

NetBeez Server

New Features:

Performance Alerting: You can now create Alert Templates and attach them to Test Templates. We have also introduced two new Alert Template types, Performance Baseline, and Performance Watermark.  Additionally, we have introduced the Warning status to the UI, which serves to notify of degraded performance.

Software Updates: NetBeez will now automatically download and schedule software updates.  You may manually reschedule the update within a two-week window.

New Traceroute Port Options: New options for TCP, UDP, and ICMP.

Traceroute Hop Alerts: Performance Baseline and Performance Watermark are based only on the number of hops.

Support for Multiple Agent Platforms: rpi-modle-b-plus, utilite-model-standard, cubox-model-12ex, bpi-model-1

Filter Alerts by Time Window: Available in both the Agent Detail View and Target Detail View

New Open Issues Display: New display shows open issues on both the Agent Detail View and Target Detail View.

Edit Test Templates: Templates can now be edited to adjust things like interval, timeout, etc. Alert Profiles can also be attached/detached within the Edit Test Template form.

Fixes and Improvements:

Fixed Iperf testing delay: Improved speed and performance of the starting process when the instance had a large number of tests.


NetBeez Agents

New Features:

- New Port option support for Traceroute

- Port Testing (for future integration with the UI) 



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