Updating NetBeez

About the Software Update Process

The NetBeez server (BeezKeeper) and agents (Beez) update automatically and don't require any action from the user (e.g. download and apply the update). The NetBeez server checks every hour for available updates for both the server and the agents.

When a software update is available, an orange arrow icon will appear in the upper right corner of the NetBeez dashboard, signifying that the newest available update has been scheduled, which will occur at 3:00 AM, server time, two weeks after the update is pushed.  The server must be able to connect to host repo.netbeez.net port 22 in order to access and install the updates. The Agents must be able to connect to their server on port 22 in order to access and install the updates.

Please keep in mind that, when initiating a software update, first the server will update itself, then the agents will automatically download from the server and apply the software update.

Scheduling the Software Update

To view the scheduled time and version information, hover over the Software Update icon.


If you would like to reschedule the update to occur on a different day, click the Update icon and select a more appropriate day.  The update will occur at 3:00 AM on the selected day.  You are able to delay the update for up to two weeks.


Please note:  If the software update runs while any Agents are disconnected or otherwise unreachable, the Agents will update automatically when they are reconnected or become reachable.


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