Overview of the NetBeez Dashboard

The NetBeez Dashboard is a browser-based application that provides a comprehensive view of your network’s health and performance.

The Dashboard displays information about Agents, Targets, Tests, and Alerts, and provides an intuitive interface that enables efficient management of these monitoring devices and tools.  The Dashboard utilizes a number of tabbed views:

Buzz View

The Buzz View, the default tab and otherwise access by selecting the Buzz tab, provides an overview of recent and current network status.  To the left, graphs map alerts over time and include an aggregate view of all alerts as well as alerts broken down by test type.  To the right, open alerts are displayed.

Agent View

The Agent View, accessed by selecting the Agents tab, displays all the agents and the current status of the respective tests they are running.

You can click on an Agent thumbnail to see more information about it, the tests it is running, and manage its settings.

Target View

The Target View, accessed by selecting the Targets tab, displays all Targets and the current status of the respective tests conducted on them.

You can click on a Target thumbnail to see more information and manage its settings.

Test Views

The Dashboard provides  grid-based views of ping, DNS, HTTP, and Traceroute tests. There are views for scheduled Iperf, SpeedTest, and VoIP tests.

Ad-Hoc Testing

The Ad-Hoc Testing panel enables you to run ad-hoc ping, DNS, HTTP, Traceroute, and Iperf tests.


The Alerts tab displays a table of recent and current alerts.  Additionally, while using other tabs, you can access a quick view list of current alerts by clicking the footer.


Access the NetBeez Settings by clicking the gray cog icon in the upper right   The Settings enable management of licensing, users, data retention settings, API keys, integrations, alerts setup and notification, wireless profiles, and the agent blacklist.

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