Agent View

Agent View

The Agents View, located under the Agents tab on the main dashboard, provides a quick view of all Agents and the status of tests they are running, ongoing incidents, and active alerts. 


Agent Categories

Network Agents and Remote Workers can be found on two separate tabs. 



Refresh List

Click the refresh button to update the Agent View List. You will need to refresh if there is any change to an agent that would cause them to not appear in the current list filter (for example: an agent name change).



Filter Controls

There are filter controls for filtering agents by a number of attributes, which can streamline the management of large dashboard installations and make it easier to drill down on problem areas. The filterable attributes include:

  • Agent name
  • Agent type
  • Status
  • Agent Group
  • Incident status
  • Warning count
  • Critical alert count
  • ISP Name
  • ASN


Columns Manager

Edit the columns you see on the list view by clicking the columns button in the upper right-hand corner. You will be able to edit the following columns:

  • Type
  • Incident
  • MAC Address
  • Agent IP
  • Gateway
  • DNS Server
  • Speed / Duplex
  • MTU
  • DHCP
  • Ping
  • DNS
  • HTTP
  • Traceroute
  • Version
  • Agent Group
  • ISP Name
  • ASN



Manage Agent Groups

The NetBeez dashboard offers the ability to group agents together for convenience. You also have the ability to assign Targets to an Agent Group. Doing so would automatically set the Agents who are part of this Agent Group to monitor those Targets. Read more about it here:

Agent Groups



Agent Detailed View

To see more information about an individual Agent and the tests it is running, click on the Agent to enter the Agent Detailed View.  Read more about the Detailed View here:

Agent View: Agent Details




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