Agent View

The Agents View, located under the Agents tab on the main dashboard, provides a quick view of all Agents and the status of tests they are running, ongoing incidents, and active alerts.  There are filter controls for sorting Agents and filtering them by a number of attributes, which can streamline the management of large dashboard installations and make it easier to drill down on problem areas.  The filterable attributes include:

  • Agent name
  • Agent type
  • Status
  • Group
  • Incident status
  • Warning count
  • Critical alert count

From this panel, you are are able to click an Agent's listing or thumbnail to access detailed statistics and test information about that Agent, access grouping controls and filtering for Agents, and view the Agent Inventory.


Agent List View

The Agent List View provides a tabulated list of the Agents and information about them and their current statuses.  Clicking on an agent will open the Agent Details View for that Agent.  In order to toggle to the Agent Thumbnail View, click the view toggle icon in the upper right corner of the filter controls area.



Agent Thumbnail View

The Agent Thumbnail View represents each Agent as a thumbnail in a grid, displaying the Agent's name, IP address, and color-coded status of each test type.  This view is convenient for observing the current status of the network tests Agents are running.



Agent Inventory View

The Agent Inventory provides information about the Agents themselves, including current configuration settings and MAC address.  From this view, you can edit an Agent's name by clicking on the existing name.



Agent Detailed View

To see more information about an individual Agent and the tests it is running, click on the Agent's thumbnail to enter the Agent Detailed View.  Read more about the Detailed View here:

Agent View: Agent Details




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