Target View

The Target View, accessed by clicking the Targets tab, works largely the same way that the Agent View does.  Target thumbnails display the Target name, description, and color-coded statuses of the tests pointed at them.  In the list view, Target list items display name, incident status, and counts of active alerts and warnings.  There are filter controls for sorting Targets and filtering them by a number of attributes.  From this view, you can create a new Target by clicking the Create Target thumbnail, represented by a plus sign, or by clicking the Add Target button at the top of the Target list.


Target List View

The Target List View displays Targets in a tabulated list with some information highlights.  Clicking on a Target will open the Target Details View for that Target.  In order to toggle to the Target Thumbnail View, click the view toggle icon in the upper right corner of the filter controls area.



Target Thumbnail View

The Target Thumbnail View represents each Target as a thumbnail in a grid, displaying the Target's name, description (if applicable), and color-coded status of each test type.  This view is convenient for observing the current status of the network tests being conducted on the Targets.



To see details about a specific Target, click the thumbnail of that Target to open the Target Details view.

From Target Details, you are able to view information about Resources and Tests directed at the Target, including real-time stats, current and recent incidents associated with the Target, and logs of recent and current alerts on the Target.  To exit Target Details, click the X icon in the upper right of the panel or click the Target's thumbnail.  To edit the Target, click the gear icon.

To learn more about the Target Details, see: Target View: Target Details

For more information about creating and editing Targets, see: Add/Edit Target

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