Setting Up NetBeez - First Run

The first time you access your new NetBeez instance, you will be greeted by a setup wizard.  This First Run Wizard will walk you through the steps of entering your license key, accepting the license agreement, and setting up the root administrator account.

Entering Your License Key

You will be provided with a license key file when you purchase NetBeez.  Upload your license key file and click Verify.  If the verification process is successful, your license details will be displayed.  If the verification is not successful, please contact NetBeez support at

You are able to upload an alternate license at any point in the future by accessing the License Management tab in NetBeez Settings.

Accepting the License Terms

On the following panel, you will be able to view the NetBeez License Agreement.  Review the Agreement and click Accept to advance to the next step.

Setting Up the Root Administrator Account

The last step of the First Run Wizard covers the root administrator account setup.  You may use this account to create and manage other user accounts.  One you have created the root administrator account, the First Run Wizard will conclude and you will be able to start monitoring your network.



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