Setting Up NetBeez - First Run

Setting Up NetBeez - First Run


First-time dashboard users will face a six-step setup wizard when first accessing their instance. The setup wizard will help set up an administrator account, create targets, and invite users to the dashboard.



To access the first run setup wizard, a user will need to navigate to their dashboard's URL for the first time.


Step 1


All fields need to be completed and valid to pass on to step 2.

  • Email
  • Password: Must consist of 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number, and be at least 8 characters.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Title: The downward caret can be clicked to reveal a list of titles or a custom title can be entered.
  • Primary Use Case: The downward caret can be clicked to reveal a list of use cases, custom inputs will not be recognized.


Step 2


One SaaS application needs to be selected to pass on to step 3.

NetBeez can monitor the end-user experience to both SaaS applications hosted by third parties, such as Zoom or MS Teams, and user-defined websites, applications, and services that your organization manages. In this step, select the SaaS application that you wish to monitor.


Step 3


Two custom targets need to be created in order to pass on to step 4.

In this step, create targets for user-defined applications, websites, and services that your organization hosts, manages, and relies on. The targets will be monitored by all your agents when they connect to the dashboard.


Step 4


Step 4 is optional. 

In this step, you are able to invite users to the dashboard and control their permissions. If you wish to enable single sign-on or enterprise authentication, you can do so once the onboarding process is completed. In that case, you can skip this step. More information on user permissions can be found HERE.


Step 5


Step 5 is optional. 

In this step, you can send Windows or macOS clients via email to end-users. Checking the checkbox will result in any users added on step 4 receiving the endpoints as well.

For more information on installing Windows or macOS clients, reference the documents HERE.


Step 6


Step 6 is a recap of the previous 5 steps. If any information looks incorrect, the Back button can be used to navigate to the previous steps.


After the Submit button in step 6 is clicked, several actions take place:

  • The admin user created in step 1 is now able to log onto the dashboard with the login credentials they created.
  • The SaaS applications selected in step 2 and the custom targets created in step 3 will be created on the dashboard. These targets can be viewed on the Targets tab.
  • Users entered in step 4 will receive an email inviting them to the dashboard.
  • Users entered in step 5 will receive an email with links to the endpoints.
  • An Agent Group will be created with all of the targets from steps 2 and 3. More information on agent groups can be found HERE.

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