Reports (Version 1.1 and earlier)

NetBeez offers a reporting option via the Reports tab.  On the Reports tab, you can generate a report on select Targets and customize the type of tests and the reporting period.  The generated report consists of a graph that depicts test result averages per agent, raised alerts per agent, and downtime per agent, and a table displaying accompanying statistics.


Generating a Report

To generate a report, click on the Reports tab, which is located on the right side of the main tab menu.

  1. Select a Target or Targets.  You can select them from the list or search Targets by name.
  2. Select the type or types of tests on which you would like to generate a report
  3. Select either the global average or interval average.
  4. Select a date range by clicking on the date field.  The default period is the previous day.

Please note:  Depending on the number of targets, tests, and the range of time selected, the report generation may take some time.


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