Help Center and Guides

Help Center and Guides

NetBeez provides a Help Center and Guide Center, both of which are accessible from the settings menu in the upper right corner of the dashboard.  The Help Center menu, which is accessible by clicking the question mark icon, provides a link to online documentation and a shortcut for emailing NetBeez support.  At this time, the Guide Center, which is accessible by clicking the book icon, provides access to one pop-up guide powered by Pendo to help you get acquainted with the NetBeez dashboard.


About the guides:

Dashboard Introduction

This guide walks you through the main panels of the NetBeez dashboard and explains the functionality and role of each of the panels.  The Dashboard Introduction will automatically run on new installations but can also be accessed at any time from the Help Center menu.


NetBeez Support:

Online Documentation

You can access our online documentation here at Zendesk at any time from the dashboard by clicking on Online Documentation.

Contact Support

Send an email to NetBeez support by clicking on Contact Support or by emailing

Ask The Community

The primary objective of this community is to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge about NetBeez by exchanging best practices, tips, and lessons learned. In essence, this forum is the ideal platform for users and developers to share ideas and feedback on how to enhance NetBeez. Click this LINK to access the community.



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