Agent Configuration - Convert Agent from Wireless to Wired

Once an agent is configured as wireless, it will remain as a wireless agent. If you would like to reset the agent and convert it to wired, follow these steps:
  1. Remove the wireless card and unplug the Ethernet cable.
  2. When the agent appears as disconnected on the dashboard, delete the agent from the dashboard.
  3. Plug a mouse into any of the USB ports for 90 seconds.
  4. Reboot the device and unplug the mouse.
If you would like to revert the agent to wireless, please see this article:
Agent Configuration - Convert Agent from Wired to Wireless
  • You can convert any wireless agent to wired, but if you do not have a license for an additional wired agent, it will not connect to your dashboard.
  • When the agent is reset from wireless to wired, both of its interfaces are converted to DHCP.
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