Cumulus Networks - Install a NetBeez agent on Cumulus Linux

Cumulus Networks sells a Linux operating system for industry standard network switches to deliver networking solutions for large data centers, cloud computing, and enterprise environments.

This guide covers the installation of a NetBeez monitoring Agent on a Cumulus Networks switch. This Agent will be able to gather network and application performance statistics.

You can learn more about Cumulus Networks here:


Agent installation instructions

1. Log in to your Cumulus Linux switch:

ssh spine1

2. Get privileged access:

sudo su

3. Add the address of the repository to /etc/apt/source.list:

echo “deb wheezy main” >> /etc/apt/sources.list

4. Add the NetBeez public key:

wget -O - | apt-key add -

5. Update the repository cache:

apt-get update

6. Install the netbeez-agent package:

apt-get install netbeez-agent

7. Edit the /etc/netbeez/netbeez-agent.conf file to point the Agent to your own NetBeez instance:

{"host":"<YOUR_INSTANCE_FQDN>", "port":"20019", "secure_port":"20018", "interfaces":"eth0" }

8. Specify the model and type of your netbeez Agent:

echo “cumulus-model-amd64” > /etc/netbeez/netbeez-agent_model.conf

9. Copy the SSL certificate netbeez.pem you will receive with your dedicated instance to the directory /etc/ssl/certs:

cp netbeez.pem /etc/ssl/certs/

10. Restart the Agent process:

/etc/init.d/netbeez-agent restart

The Agent should be visible in your NetBeez dashboard with the following thumbnail:



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