PagerDuty - Alerts Integration

PagerDuty - Alerts Integration

PagerDuty is an operations performance platform delivering visibility and actionable intelligence across the entire incident life cycle.

This guide shows you how to integrate NetBeez with PagerDuty  Integrating NetBeez and PagerDuty enables you to forward alerts to PagerDuty for proper escalation handling. This guide assumes that you have a working installation of PagerDuty.

You can sign up for a PagerDuty account here:


Step 1 - Create a new service in PagerDuty

1. On the top menu of the PagerDuty dashboard, click on Services:



2. Click + New Service



3. On the "New Service" page, fill in the information requested under

     General Settings

         Name: NetBeez

         Description: Add a description ...

     Integration Settings

         Integration Type: Select NetBeez in the "Select a tool" dropdown menu

     Incident Settings

          Select your preferred options ...

Click the "Add Service" button when done.

4. On the next page named "NetBeez", you will be presented with different information. Here, under the "Integration Settings" section copy the 30-character Integration Key.


Step 2 - Add the PagerDuty integration key to your NetBeez dashboard

1. Access NetBeez Settings by clicking on the top left cog of your dashboard.

2. On the NetBeez Settings panel, go to Integrations.

3. Toggle the PagerDuty integration on.

4. Paste the Integration Key you created in PagerDuty.

5. (Don't click on Save yet) Click the Test button and verify in PagerDuty that you have received a test alert. You should see a green checkmark confirming that NetBeez was able to successfully send the alert to PagerDuty.

On PagerDuty, you should see the test alert triggered by NetBeez.

6. Navigate to the Notification Settings subtab. Toggle the PagerDuty section on. Select your desired notification options.  You can choose to have PagerDuty send notifications about alerts, incidents, or both.

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