Slack - Alerts Integration

Integrating NetBeez with Slack enables you to automatically receive alert notifications on a Slack channel.  The following instructions will walk you through the process.  

Note: You must have administrator privileges in Slack.

1. Access Administration in your Slack instance’s settings menu.

2. Click on Manage Apps.

3. On the Slack Apps page, click Manage in the upper right corner.

4. Click on the Custom Integrations tab and then on Incoming Webhooks.

5. Click on the Add To Slack button.

6. Choose an existing channel or create a new channel to which NetBeez will post alert notifications.

7. Once you choose or create a channel, you will be provided with a Webhook URL.  

8. Copy this URL and paste it into the Webhook URL field in the Slack Integration section in Integrations in NetBeez Settings.  


9. Select the items for which you would like to receive Slack notifications.  The options are incidents and alerts.

10. Click Save.

11. Back on Slack, customize the description and assign your new NetBeez bot a relevant username.  Additionally, you can optionally customize the icon (there’s a bee emoji because bees are cool, and here’s an icon-sized NetBeez logo you can grab).

12. Click Save Settings in Slack.

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