The Agent Console

The NetBeez Agent Console enables you to interact with an agent via command line interface.  The console can be used for a number of purposes, including viewing agent data and conducting certain tests.

The Agent Console can be accessed by clicking on the Agent Console Tab in Agent Details.

Note:  We advise that less experienced users only perform queries and other commands that do not make changes to the agent or its tests.



Basic Commands

arp -a                       Inspect the agent's arp cache

netstat -rn                Inspect the agent's routing table


Conducting Tests via Agent Console

speedtest-cli --simple                 Run a speedtest to gather download and upload bandwidth

ping <destination>                     Run a ping test to <destination>'s IP address or FQDN

curl <url>                                  Run an HTTP test to <url> provided

dig <FQDN>                               Run a DNS test against the <FQDN> provided

traceroute <destination>            Run a traceroute test to <destination>'s IP address or FQDN



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