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Please be advised that, starting July 5th 2018, sale of Free Tier, Cloud 5, and Cloud 10 plans, including individual hardware agents, are not offered anymore. NetBeez only supports annual Enterprise plans with 5 or more agents under management. Learn more on


Note: Subscription management functions are only accessible to Free Tier, Cloud 5, and Cloud 10 users.  Enterprise users, please see: Settings - License Management

NetBeez subscription management makes it easy to modify, switch, or cancel your NetBeez subscription plan.  NetBeez currently offers three plan options:  Free Tier, Cloud 5, and Cloud 10.  To learn more about the plans, please see the pricing page on the NetBeez website.

Access Subscription Management

To access the Subscription Management panel, open NetBeez Settings by clicking the gray Settings cog and select Subscription Management.  Alternatively, Free Tier users can access Subscription Management by clicking the gold Upgrade button in the upper right of the dashboard.

View or change your subscription plan

The Subscription Management panel displays your current plan, as well as all plan options.  The Cloud 5 and Cloud 10 plans include the option to include additional wireless support.  Of the plan options, you current plan will be highlighted.

If applicable, you may add/remove wireless support for your plan..  If you have wireless agents and remove wireless support, those agents will behave as wired agents.  If you have wireless agents and add wireless support, those agents’ wireless capabilities will be unlocked.

Changing plans will cancel your current plan and replace it with the new plan.

If you downgrade your plan, agents that exceed the agent limit of the new plan will be removed from the dashboard.

Buying Hardware

On the Subscription Management panel, you can also buy pre-configured agents directly from NetBeez.


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