Release Notes - Version 1.0.14 (was Version 1.0.12)

Release Notes - Version 1.0.14 (was Version 1.0.12)

+ Public API
+ Public dashboard that provides the status of targets and agents without the need to log in into the NetBeez dashboard; the public dashboard is coded in PHP and released under the Apache license; it uses the newly introduced Public API
+ NetBeez agent package for Debian Jessie

+ Server-side cache for the dashboard UI; this improvement reduces the loading time and increases the responsiveness of dashboards managing many agents
+ Grid views are loaded on demand to reduce the overload of the user dashboard
+ Grid views have zoom in/out and drag option
+ Data retention process includes in the deletion process access point metrics
+ Automatic deletion of scheduled tests where one of the two agents was deleted
+ Delete agent function reduces stress on the server
+ Improved visualizations for scheduled tests
+ Better management of scheduled tests with conflicting time
+ Use the iw command to report wireless signal strength
+ User management emails (invitations, password reset, etc) are now being sent using your SMTP settings. If those are not set then the system will use our default SendGrid account which uses port 2525.

Bug fixes
* Scheduled speed tests honor the server ID setting
* Interval Average Graph only loads for the last target selected
* VoIP scheduled tests to mark traffic with DSCP = 46 (EF class)

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