NetBeez API

NetBeez API

The NetBeez API allows dashboard administrators the ability to integrate NetBeez with other solutions such as tools, reporting, analytics solutions, and more.

NetBeez API Versions

NetBeez API has two active versions: 

  • Version 2 - This API is based on JSON standards, and will fully replace the previous version. The endpoints are documented on postman at the URL "". This API supports both read and write functions (e.g. create new targets, run ad-hoc tests).
  • Version 1 - This API is based on swagger and is being deprecated. If you want to learn what functions are still implemented by this version of the API, go to your dashboard at the following URL "https://<dashboard_url>/swagger/index.html". The swagger API is read only. To learn more about working with the API on Swagger, see the documentation page NetBeez API - Swagger Endpoints.

NetBeez API Keys

In order to authenticate with the NetBeez API, you must create an API key. This can be done via the NetBeez Dashboard. NetBeez Administrators can perform the following steps to create an API key:

  • Navigation to Settings by clicking the cog icon located in the menu bar.
  • Click on "API Keys" located in the left settings menu. 
  • Click "Generate API Key" button and fill out the form.

To read more about generating API, see the documentation page Settings - API Keys. Once generated the API Key can be used by placing an "Authorization" header in any request to the API, see the below APIs for usage.

NetBeez Community API

If you wish to learn more about the NetBeez API, ask questions about how to use it, or possible use cases, check out the API section of the NetBeez community.

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