WiFi 6 / WPA3

WiFi 6 / WPA3


WiFi 6

WiFi 6 offers significant advantages over its predecessor (WiFi 5). With speeds up to three times faster, lower latency, and enhanced capacity to support more devices. It also provides improved performance, particularly beneficial for real-time applications like video conferencing even in dense network environments.


The latest WiFi security standard, WPA3, introduces enhancements over WPA2. It features robust authentication protocols for heightened resistance to hacking and advanced privacy measures, including individualized data encryption, ensuring enhanced security for your network.

Note: Please contact the NetBeez support team if you would like to upgrade your current agents to have WiFi 6 functionality.


WiFi 6 and WPA3 can be enabled on a WiFi profile. WiFi 6 can be enabled on the agent detail's interface management modal.

Wireless Profile

1. Navigate to the WiFi Tab.

2. Click + Add WiFi Network.

3. Click on the dropdown for Band and select Force 6.0 GHz.

4. Click on the dropdown for Security Type and three WPA3 options are present:

  • Enhanced Open

5. Click Save and Continue.

Interface Management

1. Navigate to a wireless agent's details.

2. Click on the cog in the agent detail's header section.

3. Click on Interface Management.

4. Click wlan0.

5. Click the Band dropdown to change the agent to Force 6.0 GHz.

6. Click Save.

Note: When a 'band' is selected, the 'channel frequency by band' option is disabled. When a specific channel is selected under the 'channel frequency by band', the 'band' option is disabled.

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