Introduced in version 14.1.


IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) is the most recent version of the Internet Protocol, which provides identification and location information for devices connecting to the internet. IPv6 was developed to address the exhaustion of IPv4 addresses and offers an immensely larger pool of addresses, ensuring the continued growth of the internet.


IPv6 can be utilized on ping tests attached to targets or ad-hoc tests. 


Below are the different scenarios when the 'Force IPv6' checkbox is automatically selected, not automatically selected, or when the user can choose to select the checkbox.

IPv4 Address - 'Force IPv6' checkbox is not checked and is disabled.

IPv6 Address -  'Force IPv6' checkbox is checked and is disabled.

FQDN - The user can check or not check the 'Force IPv6' checkbox.

Local Gateway (_gateway_) - The user can check or not check the 'Force IPv6' checkbox.

Create a Target

1. Navigate to the Targets tab.

2. Click + Add Target.

3. Click the Custom Target.

4. On step 2 of the target setup wizard, add an address and click Ping.

5. Observe 'Force IPv6' checkbox is visible.

Ad-hoc Ping

1. Navigate to the Ad-hoc Testing tab.

2. Click on Ping.

3. Observe 'Force IPv6' checkbox is visible.

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