Scheduled Test Alerts

Scheduled Test Alerts

Introduced in version 14.1.


Users can define their alerting conditions for Iperf, Network Speed, and VoIP tests. These conditions can include any metrics reported by each test, combined using AND or OR operators, and compared against simple watermark values or baseline averages over a longer period. This flexibility allows users to tailor alerts to their specific needs, ensuring timely and effective responses to network performance issues.

The three types of scheduled test alerts are:

  • Scheduled Test Error: When a specific number of results were errors compared to another specified value.
    • Example: When 2 results out of the last 4 results were errors.
  • Scheduled Test Performance Baseline: A specified short-term window and a specified long-term window, when the mean over the last short-term runs is greater/less than a multiplier of the long-term runs.
    • Example: Iperf Bandwidth mean over the last 2 runs is greater than 2 times the mean over the last 4 runs.
  • Scheduled Test Performance Watermark: The mean over a specified number of runs is greater/less than a specified value.
    • Example: VoIP MOS mean over the last 3 runs is less than 4.


Below is the procedure for implementing scheduled test alerts. 

Creating an Alert

1. Navigate to the Settings tab. 

2. Click on Anomaly Detection on the left sub-menu.

3. Click + Add Alert.

4. Click the Alert Type dropdown and view the scheduled test alerts that can be created.

Add an Alert to a Scheduled Test

1. Navigate to the Tests tab.

2. Click one of the scheduled tests (Iperf, Network Speed, VoIP).

3. Click the + Add Test button in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Observe the Alerts column and choose which alerts to be added to the scheduled test.

Enabling Notifications

1. Navigate to the Settings tab. 

2. Click on Notification Settings on the left sub-menu.

3. Toggle Scheduled Test Alerts for desired notifications (SMTP, Slack, MS Teams, Syslog).

4. Click Save.

Viewing Alerts

Scheduled test alerts can be viewed on the NetBeez dashboard under the scheduled test details and the alerts tab.

Scheduled Tests Details

1. Navigate to the Tests tab.

2. Click on a scheduled test to view the scheduled test details.

3. Observe the alert below the X-axis.

4. Click on a test result.

5. Observe the alert column and hover over the alert symbol to reveal the tooltip with more information.

6. Click an agent to reveal the History section.

7. Observe the alert below the X-axis, hovering over points makes a tooltip appear with the triggered alert.

Alerts Tab

1. Navigate to the Alerts tab after a scheduled test alert has been triggered.

2. Observe the scheduled test alert in the alert list.

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