Cisco Catalyst - Running the NetBeez agent as an app

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NetBeez is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner: the NetBeez agents are compatible with Cisco equipment. You can read more here.


If you are looking for the agent version compatible with Cisco ISR routers as a virtual service, you can find the procedure here. Otherwise, for Cisco Catalyst switches, keep reading ...



This procedure assumes that you have an existing installation of NetBeez. If you don't, you can request a demo here.


Resources to be configured

To activate the NetBeez virtual service, you need to create the following resources on the Cisco Catalyst switch:

  • A GigabitEthernet interface that will be assigned to the management vrf
  • A DHCP Scope to offer a dynamic IP address to the NetBeez virtual service interface eth0


Step-by-step installation configuration 

1. Login via telnet or SSH to your Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch
2. Configure resources for app-hosting (change based on requirements)
    a. Configure the network interface:
configure terminal
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf
ip address
speed 1000
negotiation auto
b. Create a DHCP scope to assign a DHCP address to the virtual service:
configure terminal
ip dhcp excluded-address vrf Mgmt-vrf

ip dhcp pool iox-apps2
vrf Mgmt-vrf
3. Use the recommended Cisco SSD drive for the platform you are using or a USB SSD stick. Make sure the drive is formatted FAT32. Verify that it's connected and readable by the switch with the command "dir usbflash0:".
4. Enable app-hosting
configure terminal
The iox command should create the folder below on the USB drive: 
dir usbflash0:
Directory of usbflash0:/

3 drwx 16384 Jun 26 2018 14:39:16 +00:00 iox

33537654784 bytes total (32602456064 bytes free)

5. Download the NetBeez tar on flash: or on another storage unit:
copy usbflash0:
6. Load the NetBeez virtual service:
configure terminal
app-hosting install appid netbeez package usbflash0:netbeez-cisco-9k.tar
7. Finalize the configuration of the NetBeez virtual service and boot the machine: 
configure terminal
app-hosting appid netbeez
vnic management guest-interface 0

app-hosting activate appid netbeez
app-hosting start appid netbeez
8. Connect via console to the NetBeez virtual service with credentials netbeez/netbeez to register the agent to the dashboard:
app-hosting connect appid netbeez con
(To exit the console, hit CTRL-C three times) 
At the end of the procedure, your NetBeez agent should be running on your Catalyst switch. To verify this, type this command on the switch's console:
lab9300#show app-hosting detail
Author : NetBeez, Inc.
  Type : vm
  App id : netbeez
  Name : NetBeez Agent
  Version : 1.0
Activated profile name : custom
 Description : NetBeez Agent for Cisco Catalyst 9000
Resource reservation
  Memory : 1024 MB
  Disk : 5 MB
  CPU : 5000 units
  VCPU : 2
Attached devices
  Type Name Alias
  Serial/Syslog serial2
  Serial/Trace serial3
Network interfaces
MAC address : xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
IPv4 address : yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy


9. Now that you have the NetBeez app running on your Cisco Catalyst, login into the console, and fetch the configuration script:

curl -L -O
10. Execute the script as a sudo user (replace <secret_key_received_via_email> in the following command with the actual secret key received upon registration of your dashboard or find it on the About page in your NetBeez settings):
sudo bash --secret=<secret_key_received_via_email>

About the NetBeez Cisco ISR OVA image

The NetBeez Cisco Catalyst 9000 tar is available at:

The OVA was built following this guide available on GitHub. 

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