Cisco Catalyst - Running the NetBeez agent as an app (IOS-XE 16.9.X)

Cisco Catalyst - Running the NetBeez agent as an app (IOS-XE 16.9.X)

Cisco Solution Partner

NetBeez is a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner: the NetBeez agents are compatible with Cisco equipment. You can read more here.


If you are looking for the agent version compatible with Cisco ISR routers as a virtual service, you can find the procedure here. Otherwise, for Cisco Catalyst switches, keep reading ...



This procedure requires the following resources:

  • A NetBeez dashboard (request a trial if you don't have one)
  • Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switch with code 16.9.X (for 16.12.X versions, please follow this guide)
  • A USB thumb drive where to load the NetBeez software (required as flash0: is not available for hosted applications) 


Resources to be configured

To activate the NetBeez virtual service, you need to create the following resources on the Cisco Catalyst switch:

  • A GigabitEthernet interface that will be assigned to the management WRF
  • A DHCP Scope to offer a dynamic IP address to the NetBeez virtual service interface eth0


Step-by-step installation configuration 

1. Login via telnet or SSH to your Cisco Catalyst 9000 switch
2. Configure resources for app-hosting (change based on requirements)
    a. Configure the network interface:
configure terminal
interface GigabitEthernet0/0
vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf
ip address
speed 1000
negotiation auto
b. Create a DHCP scope to assign a DHCP address to the virtual service:
configure terminal
ip dhcp excluded-address vrf Mgmt-vrf

ip dhcp pool iox-apps2
vrf Mgmt-vrf
3. Use the recommended Cisco SSD drive for the platform you are using or a USB SSD stick. Make sure the drive is formatted FAT32. Verify that it's connected and readable by the switch with the command "dir usbflash0:". In the alternative, you can save the file on the flash storage (for IOS-XE versions < 16.12.1).
4. Enable app-hosting
configure terminal
The iox command should create the folder below on the USB drive (or flash): 
dir usbflash0:
Directory of usbflash0:/

3 drwx 16384 Jun 26 2018 14:39:16 +00:00 iox

33537654784 bytes total (32602456064 bytes free)

5. Download the NetBeez tar on the usbflash0: storage unit:
copy usbflash0:
6. Load the NetBeez virtual service:
app-hosting install appid netbeez package usbflash0:netbeez-cisco-9k.tar
7. Finalize the configuration of the NetBeez virtual service and boot the machine: 
configure terminal
app-hosting appid netbeez
vnic management guest-interface 0

app-hosting activate appid netbeez
app-hosting start appid netbeez
8. Connect via console to the NetBeez virtual service with credentials netbeez/netbeez to register the agent to the dashboard:
app-hosting connect appid netbeez con
(To exit the console, hit CTRL-C three times) 
At the end of the procedure, your NetBeez agent should be running on your Catalyst switch. To verify this, type this command on the switch's console:
lab9300#show app-hosting detail
Author : NetBeez, Inc.
  Type : vm
  App id : netbeez
  Name : NetBeez Agent
  Version : 1.0
Activated profile name : custom
 Description : NetBeez Agent for Cisco Catalyst 9000
Resource reservation
  Memory : 1024 MB
  Disk : 5 MB
  CPU : 5000 units
  VCPU : 2
Attached devices
  Type Name Alias
  Serial/Syslog serial2
  Serial/Trace serial3
Network interfaces
MAC address : xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
IPv4 address : yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy


9. Now that you have the NetBeez app running on your Cisco Catalyst, login into the console, and fetch the configuration script:

curl -L -O
10. Execute the script as a sudo user (replace <secret_key_received_via_email> in the following command with the actual secret key received upon registration of your dashboard or find it on the About page in your NetBeez settings):
sudo bash --secret=<secret_key_received_via_email>

About the NetBeez Cisco ISR OVA image

The NetBeez Cisco Catalyst 9000 tar is available at:

The OVA was built following this guide available on GitHub. 

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