WiFi View: WiFi Details

The NetBeez Dashboard offers a detailed view of each WiFi Network.  The detailed view displays the status and performance data on the WiFi Network gathered by wireless Agents assigned to it.  The header displays the security type and reconnection interval or any associated Hopping Groups, whichever is applicable.  The Incident display shows current and recent WiFi incidents. Visualizations for WiFi incident occurrence and performance distribution also serve as filters. Performance metrics provide insight into the quality of the WiFi Network experience, as reported by the assigned Agents.  The Alerts section displays recent alerts from the assigned Agents.  In this view, you are able to specify the time window

To access detailed information about a WiFi Network, click on the WiFi network from the main WiFi View.

To access the WiFi Network's settings, click on the cog icon in the upper right of the WiFi Details panel.  From the WiFi Settings menu, you can edit the configuration or edit the selection of assigned Agents.



WiFi Incidents

WiFi incidents are created when the percentage of tests conducted by assigned Agents passes the user-defined threshold.  This type of incident reporting is intended to help you identify issues with wireless performance.


WiFi Performance Metrics

The reported WiFi performance metrics on this panel include link quality, signal strength, bit rate, and channel.  Data from all assigned wireless Agents are displayed in these graphs.  A ring graph displaying a portion of the assigned Agents experiencing incidents and a performance distribution histogram also serve as filters.  The Agent list shows currently assigned wireless Agents and BSSIDs.


WiFi Alerts

The Alerts section displays recent alerts related to the wireless Agents assigned to the WiFi network.  The graph displays the count of alerts over time, and the log displays the alerts.

Note:  The log only displays alerts that have been opened or closed during the current time window.  The recent alerts graph displays ongoing alerts during the time period.  Due to the nature of the data, it is possible for the recent alert graph to show ongoing alerts while the log remains empty.


To learn more about adding and configuring WiFi Networks, see: Add/Edit WiFi Network

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