Release Notes - Version 1.5

Release Notes - Version 1.5

New Features
+ Implemented SSID hopping for WiFi sensors.

+ Updated the create target workflow.
+ User can select multiple real-time tests in the agent detail view.
+ Exposed agent unreachable alert and WiFi disconnection alert thresholds.
+ Iperf: implemented the reverse option to start transfer from server to the client (requires iperf version 3).
+ Wifi detail view: report agents unreachable.
+ Wifi detail view: added pause/resume tests to the action menu.
+ Wifi detail view: added delete wifi network to the action menu.
+ Make the tab choice sticky when switching agent views.
+ Add media query to fix report filter for small resolution screens.
+ API: Add the resource label in the Incident message.
+ Agent troubleshooting information on agents SSH banner.
+ Improved the dashboard's error reporting to the user.
+ Upgraded to Rails 5.2.
+ Upgraded to Docker 18.06.

Bug fixes
* Fixed the agent delete function.
* Fix: Report data does not begin at the start of the range.
* Fix: Grid views target update.
* Create Target doesn't work on Safari and Firefox.
* Wifi detail view: slow loading time for filter histograms.
* Fix: SSID name limited to 32 characters.
* Watchdog process that reboots the agent if the main process dies.
* Agent Menu: Can't select some menu options in the agent console subtab.
* Target Edit doesn't work for intervals.
* Fix: SNMP traps are not sent.
* Fix: Automatic server updates are not applied and keep getting pushed 2 weeks in the future.
* WiFi driver failure for a wifi dongle.
* Channel value not reported correctly for the new Odroid dongle.
* Adhoc traceroute tests show undefined protocol in results.
* Disabled REDIS persistence which was causing data corruption on reboots.

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