Release Notes - Version 2.0

Release Notes - Version 2.0

New Features
+ UI: Exposed WPA supplicant and DHCP logs in the agent details view, wireless tab
+ SSID reconnection timing option on WiFi Network for connection testing 

+ Upgraded BeezKeeper server OS from Ubuntu 14.04LTS to 16.04LTS
+ Upgrade BeezKeeper docker version to 18.06.
+ Implement DHCPD for eth0 on agents
+ Released Docker Agent for agent containerization
+ Allow WiFi card to be swapped between agents (only for supported WiFi NICs)
+ UI: Change Delete Icons to Trashcan Throughout Dashboard
+ UI: Agent Details: Display MAC address under Interface Info (Ctrl and Test)
+ UI: Agent Details: Display Agent Version in Agent Details View
+ UI: Agent Details: Enable renaming agent from the details view - Inline edit
+ UI: Agent Details: Add a plus icon next to the Groups tag in Agent Details View to add an agent to groups
+ UI: Agent Details: Display Active/Inactive status on Agent Details
+ UI: Agent Details: If the agent is inactive display "Unreachable since:" next to the status field
+ Allow HTTP target URLs with just the hostname instead of the fqdn
+ Optimize time axis ticks to show dates on test performance report graphs
+ Enable HTTP proxy on the server to accommodate updates behind a firewall
+ UI: For container agents, add the exact command on the agent details that would bring back the same agent
+ Dashboard guide links

Bug fixes
* Agent: Wifi interface stops sending or receiving data unless it gets rebooted
* SNMP test alert does not provide correct feedback
* When a user is locked the dashboard doesn't load
* False positive of ping test showing as failed
* Agents fail to upgrade through multiple versions
* API bug: Cannot set the agent to "None" wifi network when it's connected to a wifi network
* Visualization issues with the Traceroute details window
* ping fails on wifi agents with the DF bit set
* DF flag not displayed properly
* Agent: Don't send results unless the wifi is completely functional (hopping and non-hopping)
* User invitations: domain is empty on the URL when computer name or IP is used.
* Agent: When the agent receives a custom BSSID connection request it doesn't apply it
* Uptime formatting is wrong
* Changing the SSID and description of a Wifi Profile doesn't persist.
* Wifi Disconnection alerts not triggered properly
* Buzz tab alerts inconsistency
* License Error when uploading a new license from the First Time Wizard
* First Run Wizard: First time user-created can't log in
* API: Access point events retrieval for API v1 not working
* Disable TLS v1 on agent
* UI: Wifi global alert settings not propagated to the API
* Have to refresh when deleting the agent from hopping group

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