Agent Configuration - Upgrade Docker Agent

Agent Configuration - Upgrade Docker Agent

This article describes how to upgrade an existing Docker Agent.


  1. Pull the NetBeez Agent from Docker Hub.  To pull with the latest version, run the following command:
    docker pull netbeez/nb-agent:latest
    Alternatively, if you wish to specify the agent version, use the appropriate version tag in your pull command, like so:
    docker pull netbeez/nb-agent:v14.0.3
    Available tags are listed here:

  2. On the host machine, stop the agent you wish to upgrade with the following command:
    docker stop <agent_container_name>
    Note:  If you do not know the name of the container, you many view it by running the following command:
    docker ps
  3. Once the agent is stopped, click the info icon on the Dashboard from the Agent Details to open a tooltip containing the command necessary to ensure the agent remains as the same agent when it comes back up.  Screen_Shot_2019-05-28_at_4.12.27_PM.png
  4. Copy this command from the tooltip and add the version tag of the version you pulled down in the first step.  For example:
    docker run -d --restart=always --mac-address="<mac_address>" -e "NB_SECRET_KEY=<secret_key>" -e "AGENT_UUID=<uuid>" netbeez/nb-agent
    Note: If persistence volume was previously attached to the container, be sure to add the volume in the command, like so:
    docker run -d --restart=always --mac-address="<mac_address>" -e "NB_SECRET_KEY=<secret_key>" -e "AGENT_UUID=<uuid>" -v netbeez-config-vol:/etc/netbeez/persistence/:rw netbeez/nb-agent
  5. The upgraded agent should now be connected to the dashboard.


For additional information and commands for Docker Agents, please see our documentation on Docker Hub:


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