Deploy the NetBeez Server on-premise

NetBeez customers can deploy a NetBeez server instance on their own on-premise infrastructure. The server will be delivered as a virtual appliance for VMware, HyperV, or KVM environments. The following procedure explains how to do this. If a customer prefers to deploy the server as an AWS instance, please follow this guide.

Server requirements for deployment

Below are the suggested server requirements (CPU and RAM) on the number of agents managed by the dashboard. Please keep in mind that instance requirements change also based on the number of tests running, as well as type and interval. It's recommended to consult NetBeez support before deployment.

Number of agents CPU RAM
3-9 2 4
10-30 2 8
31-60 4 16
61-100 8 32
101-200 16 64
201-500 32 128
500+ Contact your sales rep.


Step 1: Customer sends server FQDN and IP settings to NetBeez

The customer will be requested by NetBeez to send the following information:

  1. FQDN: Hostname + Domain Name
  2. IP Settings: IP Address, netmask, gateway, and DNS servers
  3. Optional: NTP server

Step 2: NetBeez builds a custom virtual server appliance for the customer

  1. Hardware agents are tested against the appliance before shipment
  2. NetBeez uploads the customer's virtual server appliance on the cloud for download
  3. The hardware agents are shipped to the customer (if applicable)

Step 3: Customer downloads and imports the virtual server appliance

  1. Customer downloads the server appliance file and imports it into the virtual environment
  2. Customer activates the virtual server appliance with the subscription license provided by NetBeez
  3. Customer plugs the hardware agents into the switch and installs virtual ones



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