WiFi Connection Timing

WiFi Connection Timing

The WiFi Connection Timing feature reports how long it takes for WiFi Beez to connect to one WiFi network. This information will be collected in real-time and stored on the central server for historical analysis.

The WiFi connection process is divided into three phases:

  1. Association with a BSSID (access point) in proximity
  2. Authentication with the selected SSID
  3. DHCP to obtain an IP address

Each individual phase is timed for performance. If an agent doesn't successfully complete any of the three steps above, the connection is declared as failed.

There is an optional fourth phase, called "network", which comes right after the DHCP step. In this "network" step, the agent runs one ping or one HTTP test to a user-defined destination IP or URL to quickly verify connectivity with the network. Failing such a step doesn't declare the WiFi connection failed but passed with a warning. This "network" test is defined within the WiFi network configuration.


WiFi timing user interface elements

Information about the WiFi timing is located under the following resources:


Buzz tab

On the bottom right portion of the Buzz tab is included a table that reports, for each row, the number of passed/failed WiFi connection attempts for a specific SSID. This data spans the last 24 hours of activity.



Agent Details

In the wireless tab of each WiFi Beez the user can review the results of the latest connections performed. Each bar represents a connection attempt, where each of the three phases has a different color. A blue dot on the far right column represents the latest or active connection attempt.



WiFi Network

In the WiFi details of a specific WiFi network is reported a table that reports the number of passed and failed attempts for each WiFi connection phase, along with their timing. The timing data is dynamically updated based on the time window selected. The pass/fail numbers represent the aggregate numbers of the latest completed attempt of the agents assigned to this Wifi network (regardless of the time window selected).


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