Release Notes - Version 3.0

Release Notes - Version 3.0

New Features
+ Wifi Connection timing: Time WiFi association, authentication, and DHCP time
+ LDAP Authentication for dashboard users

+ Reverse testing: Receive alerts when a test succeeds
+ Iperf: Enable the option to set TCP throughput limits
+ DNS: Enable use of TCP option for DNS queries
+ UI: Updated Settings tab user interface with React.js
+ UI: New look and feel for NetBeez settings pages
+ UI: Add Wifi Incident Widget To Buzz Tab
+ UI: New and improved User Management View
+ UI: Added an SSID lane in the real-time wifi metrics graphs in the Agent details view
+ Agent: Remove scanning results from WPA logs
+ Agent: Specify multiple interfaces in the "interfaces" option in the configuration file
+ Agent: Reduce the number of logs when the 'No suitable network" in WPA supplicant comes up
+ Updated NetBeez License Agreement
+ Remove weak CBC/MAC algorithms on agent and server's SSH server
+ Set HTTPS as the default option for the HTTP test
+ API: Further optimize queries for faster Buzz tab loading

Bug fixes
* First-time agent connects doesn't have the IP as name
* Alert lanes filtering improvement (retain a list of agents/target when filtering by test type)
* Slack integration: Agent alerts have an undefined timestamp
* Remove 3-second delay when editing an agent name
* Alert detection result gap causing issues: When agent hops the average window should be reset
* Fix the agent unreachable date for agents down before version 2.0 update
* NbTest alert mode doesn't reset when the alert detector is deleted
* Agent/Target/Wifi view sliders have no numbers
* Schedule Test Report PDF download has no data in it and/or dates are off
* Agent memory leak
* UI: About page logo is not showing
* UI: Display RPi3B+ (and newer) as FastE and not GigE
* UI: Agent log filters not cleared
* Slow to retrieve DHCP and WPA supplicant logs
* Agent /tmp folder gets full with WPA supplicant logs
* Agent: Change static/DHCP status of WiFi interface doesn't work
* Agent: Restart ping process to avoid false-positive tests
* Agent: Tests paused when wlan0 loads after the daemon starts
* Agent: crash on getaddrinfo and freeaddrinfo
* Agent: Debian package missing lsb-release dependency
* Agent MAC address conflict: When an agent (e.g. Docker Beez) is spun up with the same MAC
* Agent: Gateway on eth0 with DHCPD

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