Release Notes - Version 4.0

New Features
+ Public Interoperability API: First phase of the NetBeez API. See documentation site for available APIs.
+ IPv6: You can now see the assigned IPv6 address on the wired interface of an agent through the dashboard.
+ Agent Groups: Create groups of agents and assign targets to those groups.  Any agents that are a part of the group will automatically monitor those targets. Create a default agent group that first time connecting agents will automatically be assigned to. See the documentation for more details.
+ Server: Improved container stability.
+ Agent: Increased WPA Supplicant maximum scan results.
+ UI: Added copy button on API Keys Management Settings.
+ Server: Added SSL Certificate Verification option to LDAP Settings.
+ UI: Improved user interface for Proxy Authentication on Target resource. 
+ Agent: Upgraded GigE Operating System. 
Bug fixes
* API: Resolved Net::BER::BerError during LDAP authentication which broke authentication.
* API: Improved WifiProfile creation process.
* UI: WiFi icon now reflects appropriate status throughout the dashboard.
* API: TLS for SMTP Settings was not getting initialized properly. 
* API: Improved AccessPointConnectionsBreakdown endpoint query performance. 
* UI: Resolved issue when new watermark Alert Detector was created, which was causing UI anomalies.
* UI: Cosmetic changes to Settings table elements.
* UI: Resolved Schedule Test timestamp display issue. 
* API: Resolved issue where configured SMTP from email address was not being used when sending emails.


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