Release Notes - Version 4.1


+ Report agents' external IP address (per interface) on the dashboard.
+ Add Name and ability to force Band (2.4GHz/5GHz) under an SSID profile (enables band hopping).
+ Docker Agent: Add tcpdump and mtr to the docker agent image.
+ New SMTP settings Verification method through the API.
+ Add HTTP Test Authentication methods (Basic & NTLM).
+ SMTP notification enables/disables switch moved to the Global notification settings.
+ Add the Kernel version and OS version to the Agent's fields in details view and maybe inventory view.
+ Agent: set up script support for disabling WiFi on RPi4.
+ Agent: Set agent hostname equal to nbagent-<last-4-digits-MAC>.
+ UI: On the Wifi, the bar-graph displays the popup with the SSID information and any error messages/state even if the timings are null.
+ Add some status icons below the bars on the WifiTiming Bar chart to denote lost connections and errors.
+ Add seconds to the Timestamp column of the Agent Logs in the Agent details Wifi tab.

Bug Fixes:

* WifiTiming issues such as roaming resolved.
* Agent: VoIP default port should be 12001, not 5001
* UI: When touching the API key switch, the table order changes, making it confusing to use
* UI: When a target is added to an Agent Group from the Agent Groups Manager, it doesn't show up in the Selected Groups when you edit a target (refreshing shows the correct state)
* Fixed: If the SMTP setting is enabled, and port in the configuration is empty, msgsrv fails to initialize.
* Fixed: Wrong Syslog hostname causes the server to crash.
* Fixed: Agent Groups: Agent Ids array can have duplicate ids causing update errors.
* Fixed: Agent Logs show the page of 0.
* Fixed: Alert Profiles assignment doesn't show in the Edit Target form.

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