PlumSpace - Run NetBeez agent on a Smart SFP

About the Integration

NetBeez collaborated with PlumSpace, a vendor of advanced Smart SFPs, to offer service assurance capabilities to PlumSpace's products.

Smart SFP supports all capabilities of the feature-rich NetBeez agent and management dashboard - ICMP/TCP ping, DNS, HTTP, traceroute, iPerf, and speed test-based performance tests, VoIP testing, all in a Small Form-factor Pluggable appliance. Smart SFP can be installed either in-line (replacing existing standard SFP) or out-of-line without assigning dedicated IP-address by using a Loaned IP feature.

Integration Benefits

Using Smart SFP with NetBeez network monitoring platform companies can enhance the visibility and performance of WAN networks by benefit from:

  • In-line installation to optical links
  • Real-time data and analytics
  • Network and application performance
  • Running tests between agents and other network hosts
  • No free rack space and separate power supply required


To run the Smart SFP integration with NetBeez, you'll need:

  • One NetBeez dashboard
  • One or more SmartSFP products (provided by PlumSpace)

Read the testing report. 

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