Websocket Connection Support For Agents

Websocket Connection Support For Agents


NetBeez Agents can establish a secure websocket (port 443) to connect to the NetBeez server. Agents can still connect via the TCP/SSL Socket if desired.  TCP Socket connections are still supported so no immediate change is required.  If a Web-socket connection is not able to be established the agent will fall back to using a TCP/SSL socket connection.  

Caching of Test Results

The current implementation of the websocket doesn't support caching of test results upon disconnection of the agent from the dashboard. If you wish to cache the test results data when the agent is unreachable, please use the TCP/SSL socket method.

How To Enable Websockets

If you have root access to the server, then you can (as root) edit this file: /opt/netbeez/user_data/env_files/nb-commsrv.env and add (or replace) this line:


You can then run this command to restart the communications service:

nb-docker-compose up -d --force-recreate --no-deps nb-commsrv

You can then verify that the websocket server is up and listening for new connections by looking for this line in /var/log/netbeez/nb-commsrv.worker.log

New Websocket server: true


The BeezKeeper has websockets disabled by default. If you do not have root access, contact NetBeez support to have websockets enabled - support@netbeez.net.

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