Release Notes - Version 5.1

Release Notes - Version 5.1

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed: Resend invitation to users was failing.
* Cosmetic: Round-up scheduled test metrics to 2 decimals.
* Fixed: Iperf bandwidth selection issue in the new Scheduled Iperf form.
* Fixed: Issue with agent alerts not being cleared if agent sent a message with a very high timestamp.
* Custom TCP insecure and secure port customizations are now honored.
* Agent: Fixed issue with wifi agents not connecting to the server websocket if the control and test interfaces were on different subnets.
* Agent: Add the +nocookie flag to the DNS tests.


+ All notification emails (agent device, incidents, and target alert aggregates) are now sent through a different system from our server resolving issues with misconfigurations and sometimes empty 'from' field. Made minor changes to the email subject lines to be more consistent between each other.
+ Added error message reporting when new user invitation emails fail to send.
+ Showing password validation while editing your account's password.
+ Disabled DNS tests when the target is an IP address.
+ Disabled interface management on software agents.
+ Agent: Add extra filters to the DHCP logs which were flooding the log tables.


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