Release Notes - Version 6.0

New Features

+ Release of the Remote Worker Agent: This new agent is specifically tuned for work forces that are now working from home.
+ Native Windows client of the Remote Worker Agent that can be installed on remote laptop and desktops to give you network metrics on your remote work force.
+ Dashboard support for the new Remote Worker Agent.
+ Licenses have been updated to support Remote Worker Agent, users upgrading from previous versions should be receiving a new license that must be loaded after installing this release.


Bug Fixes

* UI: Updated value precision for Scheduled Test results.
* UI: Fixed bug where confirmation box does not get dismissed when blacklisting an agent.
* UI: Fixed bug where incorrect agents pre-selected when editing target.
* Server: Fixed CPU leak due to time discrepancy of agent messages.
* UI: Fixed Scheduled VoIP test graph axis for MOS results.

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