Release Notes - Version 7.0

Release Notes - Version 7.0

New Features
+ Wi-Fi metrics for Remote Worker Agents (Windows and macOS) with SSID scan.
+ Jitter and MOS estimates on ping tests.
+ New agents list view with column controls and lazy loading.

+ Agent: For Remote Worker Agents you can now see the Agent daemon version when using the '-v' or '--version' flag via the command line.
+ Server: Network Status Report (currently in Beta) no longer shows a warning icon for Target data if no data is provided.
+ Server: Added New Zealand timezones that were previously missing from Server Settings.
+ Server: Added IP address of DNS server when viewing DNS resource in Target details.
+ Server: Added 5-minute averages for Performance Metrics.
+ UI: Updated color palette for Scheduled Test graphs to make the meaning more clear.
+ UI: Improved tooltips for Agent WiFi metric graphs.
+ UI: Improved way Y-axis is calculated for Scheduled VoIP Test MOS graph.
+ UI: User will now receives feedback when an Invite is sent successfully.
+ UI: User receives a dashboard notification whenever a new agent connects to the dashboard.

Bug Fixes

* Agent: Fixed issue where wired interface at half duplex would reboot agent.
* Agent: Fixed issue where ping processes were not getting cleaned up.
* Agent: Fixed issue where tests were not being processed properly when a WiFi, with invalid credentials, was rebooted.
* Agent: Fixed issue where Ping timeouts were not being properly reported to the server.
* Agent: Fixed issue when ping process would crash to due invalid output.
* Server: Fixed issue where the link in invitation emails would include 'nb-api' instead of the server FQDN.
* Server: Fixed issue where sometimes the legacy API documentation would be missing.
* Server: Fixed issue where Remote Support setting was not being created when installing the latest version.
* Server: Fixed issue where SMTP verification would fail because SMTP server was provided unexpected credentials.
* Server: Fixed issue where in limited cases an Agent API call would fail when the Agent did not have a Network Interface.
* Server: Fixed issue a user may receive a TCP socket error when using the interactive console.
* Server: Fixed issue where the server would stop responding due to internal services resolver.
* Server: Fixed issue where Server may become unresponsive when receiving messages from Agent with a clock in the distant future.
* Server: Fixed issue where in limited cases Incident Detectors were not initialized properly.
* UI: Fixed issue where configured Band would not be pre-selected when editing a WiFi Network configuration.
* UI: Fixed issue where Agent status would be 'N/A (down before 2.0 update)' but the agent was connected to the dashboard.
* UI: Fixed display issue where time filter was not aligned with real-time graphs.
* UI: Fixed Docker command provided for Container agents which did not contain all the necessary parameters.
* UI: Fixed sorting for Target data in Beta Network Status report.
* UI: Fixed issue where Incidents timeline was not presenting on a Remote Worker Agent details.
* UI: Fixed issue where Alert counts under Alert Log was not being reported on Agent Details.
* UI: Fixed display issue for date picker when using the Beta Reports Wizard.
* UI: Fixed issue where configured WiFi hopping groups were not displayed when viewing a WiFi Network's details.
* UI: Fixed issue where Agent ID was not persisted during navigation.
* UI: Fixed issue where Scheduled Test graphs would show multiple data points for the same value due to value precision.
* UI: Fixed issue where error messages were not properly displayed when trying to invite a new user.
* UI: Fixed issue where navigating to a different tab when in the middle of creating a target would cause the target wizard to close.

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