Release Notes - Version 7.1

Release Notes - Version 7.1


+ UI: Add Jitter and MOS metrics to the test results historical view when those metrics are available.
+ UI: Add network interface information tooltip such as IP settings and device drivers information within the agent details view.

Bug Fixes

* Server: Fixes a stability issue with some services losing connectivity with each other due to internal container IP address changes. 
* UI: Fixes bug introduced at 7.0 where target agent re-assignment was not being displayed on the Target edit/add forms.
* Server: Fixes a bug introduced at 7.0 where some of the statistics were not getting saved due to division by zero.
* UI: Fixes an issue where a target wouldn't be displayed unless agents were attached to it.
* UI: Fixes and issue where agent wouldn't display in the search box when trying to run an ad-hoc test.
* Server: Fixes an issue where emails would get sent even if the SMTP notifications were disabled.

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